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Moms with Tattoos


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    Moms with Tattoos: The pros and cons of being an inked up parent Whether we've gotten them in our young and carefree days, or after the pain of childbirth, our tattoos mark us with a unique story — and occasionally a regrettable one. Six Babble bloggers open up about the pros and cons of being inked up as a parent…

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    1: Now I know how my mother felt

    Now I know how my mother felt "I never really gave any thought to being a tattooed mom or worried about how my tattoos might affect my daughter. That is, until the other day when she drew all over her body with blue pen. 'This is never gonna come off!' I complained to myself. Then I realized that's exactly how my mother felt when I came home with my first tattoo...and my second.” — Carolyn Castiglia

    Does where you live affect how you feel about tattoos? Read what Carolyn discovered

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    2: What will my kids think?

    What will my kids think? "I'm not an impulsive person, but about a year ago I found myself in a tattoo parlor, inking my wrist. My husband was planning on getting a tattoo of our son's birthday in roman numerals, and before I knew it I found myself in the chair getting the number 27 tattooed on my wrist. To be fair, I have a long and eerie connection to the number 27 so it's the most appropriate tattoo I could ever think of. But now that my son is old enough to say, 'Mommy, what's that?' and 'Mommy, draw on me,' I think, CRAP. What did I do?"Michelle Horton

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    3: I kind of regret it

    I kind of regret it "Whether or not a mom has a tattoo doesn't necessarily mean her kids are going to get all tatted up. In fact, I think the upcoming generation is less likely to opt for ink because so many of my generation are stuck with a bunch of dorky looking, faded tattoos we once thought were cool. So in a way, I'm actually glad I got my tattoo because I'll be able to share my experience with my daughter. A tiny flower on one's toe may not seem like a big deal, but now it just looks stupid. I just hope she waits — who likes the same thing at 34 they did at 16?" — Monica Bielanko

    Find out the one tattoo Monica doesn’t mind if her kid gets

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    4: I want my kids to wait

    I want my kids to wait "Having symbols of important experiences and people in my life forever etched in my skin doesn't scare me anymore — it's become a thing of beauty and pride. I love watching my 18-month-old daughter, Everly, trace the outline of the bird I got tattooed in her honor with her small hands. If the day comes when she or my son, Arlo, decide that they want a tattoo too, I'll encourage them to wait until they are truly mature and confident in their decisions. I'll tell them the story of the almost-Tinker-Bell and how glad I was that I waited until I found something that was truly symbolic." — Melissa Embry Jordan

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    5: My tattoos are a tasteful form
    of self-expression

    My tattoos are a tasteful form of self-expression “Am I worried my kid(s) will get tattoos because I have them? No. But the other day we passed a young lad who had GINORMOUS ear lobe gauges, otherwise known as plugs, or ear stretching, that touched his collarbone. My man and I looked at each other and right away wondered aloud, what if our little Wyndham did that, or wanted to do that?” — Selena Burgess

    Find out how Selena hopes her kids choose to express themselves

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    6: It's the most significant thing I did for myself as a mom

    It's the most significant thing I did for myself as a mom "Call it a midlife crisis if you insist, but I believe many women go through something similar after having children — feeling a loss of self. Realizing that there was so much I hadn’t yet done, I made a list of things that I wanted to accomplish before my 40th birthday. One of those things was to finally get a tattoo. So I did. I got the Chinese symbol for perseverance tattooed on my foot because with each step I take, I can be reminded to keep going no matter how difficult life becomes." — Maria Lianos

    Find out what her kids think about her tattoo

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