Mood Panda: What Makes You Happy? Really.


It’s Monday and I soooo didn’t want to get back in the saddle. On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate myself as a 3 — more towards  :( than :) today. A perfect day to review Mood Panda, a seemingly fluffy, little iPhone app that allows you to track your mood.

Why would anyone want to do that? At first, I thought it would be fun — and some lighthearted fodder for my techie friends over here at MomCrunch. But then I realized this might actually prove to be beneficial. Why? Because it keeps me from lying to myself. Think about it… when you track anything — whether it’s your weight, what you eat, how many miles you run, how many minutes you read… it keeps you honest. You can’t make up what you did or didn’t eat every day last week if you keep a food journal.

Well, Mood Panda is a mood journal. Moods are especially slippery. Because of NOSTALGIA. Did you happen to watch the Owen Wilson movie, Midnight In Paris? Owen’s character represents our all too human tendency to romanticize the past… that every era has it’s own “Golden Age” that must have been way better than the one we’re actually living in. Just think of how we feel when we look back on our Flickr streams and see all the smiling mugs of our kids over the summer or the group hugs from the last mom blog conference. I’ll give that last batch an 8!

But I’m probably forgetting how I was stuck overnight at the airport on my way back. And oh yeah, my dog died that week. My point being that Mood Panda is a great little app for people like me on the never ending quest for self-improvement. Taking a second to update my mood and note why I’m a 4 or a 7 is helpful… as I begin to see patterns of what really jazzes me or what brings me down. And then, because I’m a J on the Myers-Briggs, I love that Mood Panda will chart my mood and then compare to the world’s mood (yes, analyzing data will actually boost my general mood to a 5).

The web app will let you add a mood map to your site. What great fodder for discussion! Maybe a little narcissistic… but hey, we’re bloggers! 😉

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