More Bad Marriage News from the Gores


They say children of divorce are more likely to have marriages themselves that don’t last. So we shouldn’t be surprised at the news that Al and Tipper Gore’s eldest is on the outs with her husband.

The Huffington Post reports that Karenna Gore Schiff, 36, and her husband Andrew Schiff, 44, have separated. The couple have three young children.

The time-line of events, however, makes you wonder which couple, if any, influenced the other.

The younger pair has been separated for a couple of months. The Gores, however, announced just last week their intention to live separately.

The public worked through its emotions over the sadness of the end of the once Vice President’s 40-year marriage. But the break-up of a family with young children is probably the one more in need of sympathy and support. The pair married in 1997.