More Of The Worst Things Said to Parents: Readers Round-up, Part 2

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Breastfeeding, or the lack thereof, continues to draw out some very opinionated people.

Well, it’s apparent that some people just don’t know how to keep rude (and often insane) comments to themselves when it comes to what they think of other people’s parenting skills. Clearly the judgments begin before the baby is even born as is evident from the many readers’ comments that piled in for “The Worst Things Said To Parents” last week. When we first put out a call for parents to tell us the worst comments they’ve ever received, we heard some pretty terrible digs, from “She’s not autistic; she just needs more discipline” to “Don’t your kids EVER listen?”

Yet the latest batch of readers comments seemed to be even worse….and there’s two recurring themes we noticed: many of the comments were said by in-laws and quite a few of them revolved around breastfeeding. Many readers related to the awful comments while one joked that she just might marry an orphan rather than deal with the horrible comments from in-laws.

Here are some of the latest readers’ comments:

1. It’s cruel to stop after 1 child.

2. Why have a child if you are not going to quit work and raise it?

3. I have people telling me #1 but my husband is military and deployed. Not quite the same as a single mom, but still annoying.

4. When I announced my pregnancy with our last, and 4th child, a close friend asked if he should offer congratulations or condolences.

5. Someone once asked me of our transracially-adopted children, “Wouldn’t they be happier with their own kind?” I quickly responded, “Oh. I assure you. We’re human too.” Gosh I must need a day at the salon if I don’t even look human anymore.

6. A friend’s mother came over and pointedly told me that, ‘breastfeeding is a private thing and some women just make a point of doing it in public to make women who were unable to do it feel bad.’ I was speechless.

7. My daughter has a dime sized birthmark (strawberry mark) on the tip of her nose. A woman at Macy’s asked if she fell and got a boo-boo. When I said no, it’s a birthmark, she replied “Oh well. Thank God a mother’s love is blind!”

8. Oh my God, Triplets?! Better you than me.

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