More Than Half of British Parents Feel They're Failing Their Kids


stressed out parentA recent poll conducted in Britain found that the majority of parents there think they are blowing it when it comes to raising their kids.

The survey of 2,000 moms and dads found that 54% of parents believe they are not good mothers or fathers, and nearly two-thirds of them feel guilty on a daily basis about how little parenting skill they believe they have.  The most confused group? Parents of teenagers.

In terms of seeking advice, the women in the survey said they were most likely to turn to their friends for parenting help, whereas men said they were more likely to turn to their own mother.

Perhaps this is why, in a related survey conducted by ParentDish UK, parents can’t wait for the kids to go back to school and have someone else take the reigns for a while.  It found that 76% of parents with school-aged children said they couldn’t wait for summer to be over, and 53% are either happy, excited or relieved at back-to-school time.

It must be tough being a parent in Britain these days.  It’s hard to imagine that two-thirds of them are plagued by parenting guilt every single day.   I can’t say I feel fully capable all the time, but I don’t spend every day feeling guilt-ridden or convinced that I’m an awful mother.  I will say, however, that I was relieved when school started back up again.  While I like the more laid-back feel of summer, and the fact that all of us get more sleep, I’m happy to be able to get more work done now and to have more of a structured routine for all of us.

Do you think American parents feel the same way as those in Britain?

Photo credit: Free Range Stock/Lynn Davis

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