More TVs Falling on Kids


tv-remoteTV buying season is just getting under way with Hanukkah half over, Christmas coming and Super Bowl charging up in January. But you might want to invest in some heavy duty straps while you’re at it.

A new study shows more of the old, heavy tube TVs are falling on kids these days, even as there are more of the lighter flat screen TVs ending up in family homes.

The experts are hoping to move toward the lighter TVs will be good for kids – not only because they won’t hurt as much when toppled but because they’re not front-heavy like the older TVs, which are easily tipped by kids.

But  when researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio reviewed data from one hundred emergency rooms, they estimated that about fourteen thousand seven hundred furniture-related injuries occurred each year between 1990 and 2007. Fully half were from falling TVs. Although there are only a small number of deaths at this time, the number rose from seven kids killed in 2000 to twenty-three in 2006.

The Consumer Electronic Association told the AP that despite flat screens sitting in more than half of American homes these days, the tube TVs are still around and often placed on older furniture – sometimes more rickety furniture. I know several people who have banished them to the guest room – where there is less likely to be oversight of kids.

Image: apdk via flickr

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