Morning News: Beer, Clunkers, Clashes and Recession


artbeersummitafpgiGood morning! First up, President Obama, Henry Louis Gates, Officer James Crowley, and Vice President Biden met yesterday in the Rose Garden of the White House for that much vaunted beer. From statements from both Gates and Crowley, it sounds like everybody involved was cordial, honest and quite frankly handled things with a lot more grace and maturity than the media did, even with shoots-his-mouth-off Biden involved. Non-American beers? Really? We’re going to fuss about that?

Especially with the situation in Iraq far from settled. New clashes broke out yesterday between protesters and police, and the ties between President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei are beginning to fray after Ahmadinejad appointed a man considered too soft on Israel to high office.

The ministers of intelligence and culture resigned over it, which is threatening the stability of the government.

On a brighter note, we may be slowwwlllyyy heading out of the recession. The GDP shrank only one percent in the second quarter, and as it’s often a lagging indicator of recovery, this could be good news.

Probably not so much here in Michigan, though. The cash for clunkers program meant to get people buying cars again has been a roaring success, so much so that oops! It’s out of money! After like four days!

Anyone wanna buy a car anyway? Anyone?