Morning News - Bill Clinton and Journalists Leave North Korea


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Bill Clinton succeeded in securing the release of Laura Ling and Euna Lee, the two Current TV journalists who were being held in North Korea. (There’s a joke to be made about the former President going to see two young woman in distress, but I won’t make it.)

Here’s some video of them getting the heck out of there.

The Christian Science Monitor calls Bill Clinton a “rock star.” Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations John R. Bolton thinks that the former President made a mistake by going to the communist country. In a piece in the Washington Post, Bolton writes: “With three American hikers freshly in Tehran’s captivity, will Clinton be packing his bags again for another act of obeisance? And, looking ahead, what American hostages will not be sufficiently important to merit the presidential treatment?” and adds that “the release of the two reporters — welcome news — doesn’t mitigate the future risks entailed.” For what it’s worth, Bill’s wife Hillary (she’s the Secretary of State, remember?) is “concerned” about the hostages in Iran. So there. Personally, I’m reminded of the old Vulcan proverb, which is, loosely translated, “Only Nixon could go to China.” (OK, that doesn’t fit perfectly, but you know me. Any excuse to make a Star Trek reference.)

Ted Thompson, General Manager of the Green Bay Packers, says that he would be willing to sign Michael Vick. Actually, what he said was that he wouldn’t rule “anything” out, which technically means he would consider signing Vick. It also technically means that he would be willing to sign me. Hey, some other guy named Brett did pretty well in Green Bay. Some people think that Vick should sign with the UFL, the United Football League, which is beginning their first season this year.

Speaking of unpopular sports leagues, Arena Football is no more. Both of their fans were very upset.

More than $52 million dollars has been spent on ads for and against the proposed health care plan. Remember “Harry and Louise” from 1993? They’re back.

Two technology items: Sony cut the prices of their e-books and released two new devices to compete with Amazon’s Kindle. The Sony devices are less expensive but don’t offer Amazon’s coolest feature, which is the ability to purchase e-books without touching a computer. Competition is good though. And speaking of competition, Palm is pissed off at Apple for futzing with iTunes and making it so that the Palm Pre can’t pretend to be an iPod. The New York Times reports that “Palm has filed a complaint with the U.S.B. Implementers Forum…claiming Apple is restraining trade.” That’s an unusual move, but since the Pre hasn’t exactly set the cellphone world on fire the way the iPhone has, Palm probably figures they’ve got nothing to lose. Apple already doesn’t like them.

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