Morning News - Cash for Clunkers Ends Today

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Consumers have been rushing to buy a car before the Cash for Clunkers program ends. The deadline is today (Monday August 24) at 8pm. That’s 8pm Eastern Standard Time, which means you West Coasters need to get your gas in gear a little earlier than the rest of the country.

You have to have a deal made before the deadline — if you’re still haggling at 8:01pm EST, no rebate for you. The much-derided program seems to have worked, in that it got customers into the showroom. But many car dealers decided to stop participating because it was taking too long to get their rebate checks. While I admit that I know very little about the program, I think the government should have sent the rebates directly to consumers. We’re willing to wait six months for $1 back on a package of toothpaste, we would wait that long for five grand. Of course, then people might not have had enough money to buy the car in the first place. It feels like dealers were promised the cash quickly, which if they’d asked me, I would have said was an unrealistic goal. As usual, nobody asked me.

My favorite headline of the weekend: Dolphins’ players may not have Swine Flu.

A fisherman fished out a rare blue lobster. He thought it was a beer can. A couple of years ago the same guy, Bill Marconi, caught a white lobster. What’s next — a ROCK LOBSTER?

In tech news, Apple says that they didn’t reject an app from Google Voice that would allow people to make free and low-cost phone calls on the device. They’re just “studying” it. They want to make sure customer’s privacy will be protected. Sure. And Brett Favre is still retired.

Speaking of Fav-ruh:

in addition to sullying the good name of Brett, he forced the Vikings to cut a promising young quarterback named Sean Glennon. But that’s OK because he’ll lead the team to the Super Bowl this year. HA HA HA!

Even this baby knows that’s not gonna happen.

Here’s your weekend movie box office — with trailers!

At number one, “Inglourious Basterds.” I have to admit that I wasn’t interested in seeing this movie until I heard Quentin Taratino on The Howard Stern Show, and Howard described the film as kind of a Jewish wish-fulfillment thing — that is, the Jews fight back and kick some Nazi butt. Or, in this case, scalps. Anyway, it sold $37,602,000 worth of tickets.

“District 9”, which I really want to see but haven’t, came in second with $18,900,000, and $73,491,000 cume. Not bad considering the budget was “only” $30,000,000.

“G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” which I kind of want to see because part of me is still 12 years old, took the third spot with $12,500,000 ($120,531,000 cume).

“The Time Traveler’s Wife”, which I can’t imagine seeing under any circumstances, came in fourth with $10,025,000 ($37,448,000 cume).

“Julie & Julia”, which I actually saw opening weekend and really liked, came in fifth with $9,000,000 ($59,288,000 cume).

One more: “Shorts”, a kiddie flick from Robert Rodriguez, came in sixth with $6,600,000. This was the movie that allowed me to get a couple of hours off because Gramma took the kids to see it. They loved it, she hated it. I didn’t see it, but since it gave me two hours of daddy time, I love it.


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