Morning News - Did Something Happen to Michael Jackson?


Don’t forget to tune in to Morning News Live today at 9:30am! I’ll be joined by Jeanne Sager and we’re discussing Obama, his kids, journalism, and whatever else comes up. Call in and say baba-booey! Or something more coherent if you prefer.

Apparently something happened on Tuesday. Michael Jackson. I think he’s an entertainer, and he died? Something like that. There was a big memorial service that the city of Los Angeles had to pay for (they’re “passing the hat” according to 1010 WINS). Here’s a clip of Mariah Carey doing her tribute thing. If you like that kind of thing.

Speaking of L.A., some banks are refusing to accept IOUs from the state of California. Don’t they know that the Governor is The Freakin’ Terminator? “Believe me now and hear me later. If you don’t take this IOU I will owe you a beat down.” I know. Didn’t scare me either. They should’ve made some money off of the MJ memorial. Everyone else is. (Really. They are.)

Hey! Good news! You might already be getting spam via text message! CNET has a list of methods to help stop SMS spam. Pretty soon marketers are just going to show up at your door and knock until you let them in and listen to their pitch. You heard it here first.

Lance Armstrong showed some class by apologizing for calling last year’s Tour De France “a bit of a joke” and mocking the participants. Of course, it would been classier if he hadn’t said it at all. Hm. Armstrong is currently “a whisker off the lead” in the Tour De France, according to the Boston Globe.

Internet radio got a new deal on royalties. This means Pandora can keep operating. This either matters to you or it doesn’t. Not a lot of gray area here.

New food safety initiatives were announced on Tuesday. Eggs will, in theory, have less salmonella. In a related story, Rush Limbaugh still eats as much as the entire nation of Guam.

College sports are in trouble. First there was the news that college players are suing Electronic Arts and the NCAA over the use of their likenesses in the popular NCAA sports video games. Now Senator Orrin Hatch “urged the Justice Department on Tuesday to investigate college football’s Bowl Championship Series for what he views as violations of antitrust laws.” President Obama has frequently said that he would like to see a playoff system in college football:

This might mean that colleges, TV networks and coaches can’t make quite as much money off of the backs of so-called “amateur athletes.” I know that’s not exactly what it means. But that’s part of it. They should put money aside for these players, perhaps in a trust that they receive if and when they graduate from school. It’s the right thing to do. End of mini-minor rant.

A bunch of kids smarter than yours are hacking the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, kids smarter than yours unless your kids are doing the same thing. Legal issues aside (Apple is suing under the DMCA, the kids’ defense is that they own the product and can do what they want to with it, which some legal eagles think will work), I think its great that kids are still doing this. Hacking is creative, and this type of hacking is harmless.

The front page of the New York Times today: Obama in Russia. Health care reform. And, below the fold, the porn industry is shooting fewer movies that feature a plot. Don’t pretend you didn’t notice.

Google is going to make an operating system based on their web browser, Chrome. Remember when Netscape was going to do that? Aside: I had a dream about ten years ago that someone would make an O.S. called “G”. I really did. Perhaps I’m psychic.

On more plug – Morning News Live, today at 9:30am! Brett Singer. Jeanne Sager. Your calls. Chat room. Check it out.

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