Morning News - Ford Posts Profit


built-ford-toughThe Ford Motor Company posted a profit, surprising many people. $997 million, first time they’ve had a profit in four years. (New York Times)

Scary headline for Democrats: “President Obama and his team are hoping to avoid going 0 for 3 on Election Day tomorrow.” I’m always intrigued by the idea that by not voting for an individual candidate, that somehow means you are voting against an entire party. It’s a very fascist way of thinking, if you want to go to another extreme. Personally, I’m against political parties. Let’s abolish them and just let people run. Discuss. (ABC News)

Speaking of elections, Karzai is now the Afghan President by default, since his rival dropped out. Video report:

Christian Bale had this to say:

Your weekend movie box office: “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” brought in $21,300,000, for a total gross of $32,509,000 so far. The film is supposedly in theaters for a limited time but I have a feeling it will stick around for a bit. (I know, I’m like Kreskin.) “Paranormal Activity” continues to astound and confound, bagging another $16,540,000 for a total of $84,780,000 so far. Pretty freaking good for a film that cost 72 cents to make. (OK, $15,000. Same thing.) Number 3 was “Law Abiding Citizen” with $7,303,000 ($51,385,000 cume, $50 million budget), “Couples Retreat” was number 4 with $6,097,000 ($86,663,000 cume, $70 million), then “Saw VI” at number 5 with $5,560,000 ($22,824,000, $11 million budget). Also worth mentioning is “Where the Wild Things Are” which is down to $5,081,000 this week, for a total of $61,800,000 in 3 weeks. The budget? $100 million. Coming soon: YouTube the movie. You heard it here first.