Morning News - Franken Gets To Work

Al FrankenTo the delight of some and the dismay of others, Al Franken showed up at the Senate yesterday. Paul Krugman says in the New York Times that Franken is no dope and that anyone who says otherwise is in for a rude awakening. “What will Franken do to the level of Senate discourse? He’ll raise it.”

Speaking of people named Al, Al Sharpton is at it again. He wants “a postage stamp, a national day of mourning—and deferential treatment from the media” for Michael Jackson. He would like the “a waiver of the U.S. Postal Service‘s usual five-year waiting post-death period” so that the USPS can get going on that MJ stamp posthaste (pun intended). Sharpton (aka Mr. Do, as in hairdo) is also complaining about the way that “certain press outlets have covered Jackson’s death, saying there was a ‘disrespectful double standard’ between the ‘Thriller’ singer and other fallen icons such as Frank Sinatra or Elvis Presley.” (Quote from E! Online via Yahoo! How! Many! Exclamation! Points! Can! I! Use!) That Sharpton is something else. Always looking out for the little guy.

Speaking of little guys, and little gals, a group of Little People would like the FCC to ban the word “midget” from our airwaves. Um, hi. Folks? The n-word isn’t banned. Why should “the m-word” be? The word was used by Joan Rivers on an episode of “Celebrity Apprentice.” Aside: on the Howard Stern Show, Artie Lange had a great joke about this topic. Something along these lines: “Some little people say that midget is like the n-word for little people. So I went up to a little person and called him a midget. Then I went up to a Black person and called him the n-word. Turns out there’s a big difference!”

President Obama had a nice visit to Russia.

I’m sure no conservative commentators will go after him for this. The word “socialist” will not be used. Oh no. That would be tacky.

This happened a few days ago but I thought it was interesting. Summary from TechRepublic: A woman sues a daily newspaper for an anonymous comment made in the discussion forum. She also wanted the name of the anonymous commenter exposed. What happens with this case and others like it could shape the future of online forums.

The Pope wants a United Nations “with teeth.” Sounds like a horror movie.

Lots of people are going to the Michael Jackson memorial today. Anyone here gonna check it out? Oh wait. You have a life. Sorry.

Proving my point that the city of Los Angeles should charge money for Michael Jackson memorial tickets rather than give them away: folks who won the MJ Memorial Service Ticket Lottery are trying to sell their tickets on eBay for thousands of dollars. If they succeed it will be like they won a real lottery. One that comes with money. L.A. should have at least tried my other idea of simulcasting the memorial to movie theaters worldwide. Alas, no. Coulda made some cash, people. Big mistake.

Some folks in this AP video calls it “disgusting” that anyone would sell the tickets.

I know. How horrible to try and profit off of the memory of Michael Jackson. Who would do such a thing? It is illegal to sell the tickets, according to police. So don’t do it. But you can sell the “second wristband”. You missed the boat on this one, L.A.

Image: NNDB

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