Morning News: Gay Marriage, Health Care, and Really Bad Food


bad-foodLet’s start with some good stuff New Hampshire governor John Lynch signed a bill legalizing gay marriage into law yesterday. Lynch, who personally opposes gay marriage, fought for a clause that would exempt churches and other religious organizations from performing gay marriage if the choose not to. That makes almost all of New England that now allows gay marriage.

Also, got health care? If you don’t, President Obama has expressed his support for a plan that would require people to buy insurance, and allow people to choose from government sponsored plans a well as private ones.

In more sobering news, today is the 20th anniversary of the crackdown on democracy protesters in Tianamen Square. This New York Times article talks with a survivor and explores the question “what was it all for?”
A big chunk of the Air France jet that went down in the Atlantic Ocean has been found. An oil slick at the crash site indicated the plane didn’t break up until it hit the water., which means a midair explosion was most likely not the cause if one is ever found.

And finally, on a just plain goofy note, the Center for Science in the Public Interest has announced its “Xtreme Eating Awards” which cite foods that are just plain over the top. Awardees include a quesadilla with a little mini cheeseburger inside, deep fried breaded balls of macaroni and cheese, and shrimp and crabmeat lobster fondue. These sound over the top all right, and I recently planned an all-bacon day for my husband’s birthday so my bar is not low.