Morning News - Giant Sea Monster Skull Found


Sigmund the Sea MonsterAccording to the A.P., “the fossilized skull of a giant sea monster” was found in the United Kingdom. The skull is 8 feet long, and “the creature would have been about 16 meters (52 feet) long” according to scientists. That means the creature would have been big enough to eat a T. Rex. But could it beat the Cloverfield monster? That’s the real question. I smell a summer movie. (AP/Discovery Channel, TimesOnline)

The creepy Michael Jackson movie “This Is It” opened last night. Fans were happy. Some say the movie could be nominated for an Academy Award. Have they added a category for “creepy concert flick”? (AP)

Women need less vaccine than men, according to two doctors who an op-ed in the New York Times. I did not know that. Who cares? Well, this would mean that women are tougher (sort of), and that if women received a smaller dose of the H1N1 vaccine, more people could get the shot because there would be more available. Logical. Not gonna happen, but logical. (New York Times)

New cellphone alert — the Motorola Droid. Looks cool. Nerdy side-note: the word “droid” is owned by LucasFilm. Check out the fine print at the end of the commercial (below). George Lucas is many things, but he’s not dumb. (ComputerWorld)

Also on the cellphone beat: Google will offer a free GPS service with the latest version of its Android OS, the operating system that powers the Droid and other phones. Funny, I remember when a certain company gave away a web browser for free. They got sued. (That’s a gross oversimplification, by the way.) (PC World)

And oh yeah — the Yankees did not win last night. Cliff Lee pitched really good. A-Rod struck out three times. Kate Hudson, what’s going on? Help us out here! (

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