Morning News - Health Care Bill Less Than A Trillion


Kent Conrad official portraitDemocratic Senator Kent Conrad says they he and his colleagues have a health care bill that would cost “below $880 billion.” Is that all? I’ve got that in my couch cushions! What’s the holdup?

Patrick Swayze died at age 57. He had pancreatic cancer.

Employees of Chinese telecom company China Mobile “were caught calling China Telecom network with more than 200 cellphones at the same time last Monday” in an attempt to disrupt their network. There’s a lot of not so good things happening in China these days.

This Forbes columnist thinks that the fall of Lehman Brothers “and the financial crisis almost depolarized America.” Key word: almost.

Kanye West apologized to Taylor Swift. Why is this important? I gave my opinion on the matter, or non-matter, here.

Jim Carroll died of a heart attack. He was 60 years old. Too bad. I liked Basketball Diaries (the book, not the movie). He also wrote a cool song, People Who Died. Here’s a clip:

In the ongoing battle to find Presidential hecklers other than Joe Wilson, USA Today brings us this: “The most famous disruption of a presidential address in the House chamber occurred on Dec. 5, 1916, when woman protesters unfurled a yellow and black banner over the railing in the House galleries that read, ‘President Wilson, What Will You Do For Woman Suffrage?’ Although the women sat silently, their banner heckled the president.” So it was almost a hundred years ago, and silent. Why does anyone feel the need to defend what Wilson did?

Image: Wikimedia