Morning News: Health Care, Racist Obama, Betelgeuse Gets Skinny


betelgeuseI have no idea what exactly a “Blue Dog” Democrat is or why they call themselves such a thing. However, they’ve apparently relented and decided to vote yes on Obama’s health care plan in September.

They’re looking for cost control and the expansion of employer-provided health insurance, and apparently it would now extend some kind of health care to 95 percent of Americans.

Good, right? Good. I hope.

About Obama? Did you know, according to America’s favorite nutjob Glenn Beck, he’s a racist? Yeah. Hates white people. Despite the fact his mother WAS ONE. As were his beloved grandparents. Fox News is, of course, standing by their man. Kind of.

I did cite Fox News on this one, though — Betelgeuse, one of the brightest stars in the heavens, is losing mass at an enormous rate. This is typical of a star as it begins to die, but just recently scientist have been able to actually view how it happens.

There’s a Michael Keaton joke in here, I just know there is. Anyone?