Morning News - Honduran Army Overthrows President

manuel-zelaya-and-hugo-chavezGuess what? Something happened in the world other than Michael Jackson dying. The Honduran Army “ousted and exiled leftist President Manuel Zelaya on Sunday”, according to Reuters. The news service also tells us that this is “Central America’s first military coup since the Cold War.” Everyone from Hugo Chavez to the Obama administration condemned the coup. Apparently Zelaya “has moved the country further left since taking power and struck up a close alliance with Chavez (both men are pictured at the right), upsetting the army and the traditionally conservative rich elite.” Hm. No comment.

There is more Michael Jackson news. There will probably be more Michael Jackson news for a long time now. Today’s tidbit is a report that AEG Live, the promoters of Jackson’s London concerts, owe Dr. Conrad Murray $300,000. Murray, who was with Jackson when he died, had been hired  to be Jackson’s “personal physician” during the run of the shows. That $300,000 is for two months of work. But Randy Phillips, CEO and president of AEG Live, says that Michael never signed the contract, and his company had advanced the cash to Jackson, so the doctor will have to make a claim against the Jackson estate. Oh! And Dr. Murray didn’t inject MJ with demerol before he died. Glad that’s cleared up. BUT! A new report says that Jackson had needle marks all over his body, nothing in his stomach besides pills, and weighed 112 pounds. Methinks this sort of thing will go on for awhile.

The students who won a major prize for photojournalism did so by faking photos, which were published in the magazine Paris Match. Guillaume Chauvin and Rémi Hubert admitted their hoax when they accepted their trophy and €5,000 “cheque” (that means “check” in American).

Billy Mays died. Who? He was like a less creepy version of Ron Popeil. He was 50, just like Michael Jackson.

The new “Transformers” movie sold over $200 million worth of tickets, despite the fact that almost every movie critic hated it. Remember that bit from “In Living Color“? “Men on Film”?

Finally, if you happen to know where Bernie Madoff hid the money he stole from all those people, could you tell the investigators? Like, if you have a billion Madoff bucks hidden under the coffee table, it would be really cool of you to give it back. So far the Madoffs have turned over a bunch of stuff, “including two fur coats valued at $48,500, $18,000 in linens and bedding, and $8,500 in silverware.” Ooo! That’ll pay off, like, .001 percent of the people who got ripped off. Bernie’s wife Ruth gave up almost $100 million, but was allowed to keep $2.5 million. Bernie himself is scheduled to be sentenced today, but before that he gets to listen to 11 of his victims tell him what a nice guy he is. Yeah, not really.

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