Morning News - It's All Bill Clinton's Fault

One current theme I’ve heard leaking out of the GOP Hive Mind lately is the idea that the Obama Administration needs to stop blaming the Bush Administration for, well, anything. For example: “I think people will be blaming George Bush until they die. We are
almost halfway through the 1st year of Obama’s Presidency and they are still blaming the last administration for EVERYTHING. I think the
blaming needs to stop and people need to start taking responsibility for their destinies.”

Here’s a little item from Business Week about the failures of the auto industry: “The Clinton Administration, as many before it, simply could not figure out how to force the Japanese to open their auto market, so in 1995 after a bout of highly publicized negotiations, it declared victory, even in the obvious face of failure. And the Clinton Administration was also unable to address the absence of a national health-care system. These two failures were huge, seen in retrospect.”

So. Let’s review. The Obama Administration and/or all Democrats need to stop blaming the Bush Administration because, you know, c’mon. It’s been MONTHS since Obama took office. But blaming the Clinton Administration, which has been out of office for NINE YEARS, makes perfect sense. Yes, these articles are from two different sources. But the idea that nothing a former President did has any effect on our current situation is just silly. Thus endeth the opinion portion of Morning News.

Malls are in trouble, and therefore stocks in mall companies may not be a good buy right now, according to the Motley Fool (me, I know nothing about finance). To me, the problem with malls was always the excessive amount of useless stores. “I Can’t Believe They Put A Clock In It!” That sort of thing. These are not stores that will survive in weak economic times. OK, that’s opinion as well.

370-beech-street-is-for-saleFunny item from Buzzfeed — Ferris Bueller’s best friend’s house is up for sale. The house, located at 370 Beech Street in Highland Park, Illinois, can be yours for a mere $2,300,000. Four bedrooms, four baths, and the coolest garage ever to appear in a classic 1980’s film. (“When Cameron was in Egypt land… Let my Cameron go…”)

Dopey iPhone app of the day — ShakeIt, which attempts to simulate the shaking that people used to do with Polaroids. As a commenter on Wired puts it: “That seems silly. Got any apps to add pops and hisses to my MP3 files?”

And also from Wired, news of a new Wii accessory that will monitor your heart rate while you get your Wii on.  The Wii Vitality Sensor attaches to your WiiMote and will do more than just tell you your BPMs, according to Nintendo. “It intends to have you see the information relating to the inner world of your body, achieve greater relaxation.” Or it could tell my son that he’s waaay too into the game he’s playing and needs to take a little break.

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