Morning News - It's Election Day


election-day-rock-the-voteIt’s Election Day, so get out and vote. Even if you live in New York City you should vote, even though Mike Bloomberg will probably win because he bought the election by spending more than $100 million on ads and “outreach”. In fact, he bought the ability to run for a third term. OK, he didn’t officially do that, but do you think a non-billionaire would have been able to convince the City Council to violate the will of the electorate by allowing him to run for a third term?

Here’s how to fix elections in this country. Are you ready? Ban campaign ads. At the very least, cap the spending on them. Nothing is gained by allowing people to spend as much money as they want on campaign ads, which are designed to be misleading. And before someone says “freedom of speech”, remember that cigarette companies can’t advertise  on television. Why isn’t that freedom of speech? It’s a public health issue. So elections are less important? End of rant.

Other elections are happening outside of New York (no, really). Some newsworthy contests include the gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia, same-sex marriage legislation in Maine, Medical marijuana in Maine (say that ten times fast — but not when you’re stoned, it’ll be too hard), and mayoral races in Houston, Atlanta and Boston. Watch the video report on CNN; it features that wacky touchscreen map thingy. Tune in tonight for Anderson Cooper’s Magic Pants. (CNN)

Pregnant women should get the H1N1 vaccine. Someone said so. So do it. Or make your own decision. (Reuters)

Rihanna is going to talk to Diane Sawyer about what happened with Chris Brown. I hope she tells the whole story. It’s frustrating to see people defend Chris Brown as if he’s some kind of victim. (BBC)

Headline — “Part of Kate Gosselin Still Loves Jon.” You know which part? Her wallet. Thank you! I’m here all week. (People)

Kenny Ortega, director of the Michael Jackson exploitation film “This Is It”, says that he’s “happy for Michael.” (Entertainment Weekly) You know what we say, Kenny?