Morning News - McCain Helps Obama

F-22 RaptorThe Senate voted to not build more F-22 fighter planes. (Aside: the way the photo at the right i cropped, doesn’t it kind of look like a giant metal duck?) In general, it sounds like the only Senators who wanted the planes built were from districts that would benefit in terms of jobs. Not unreasonable I guess, but $1.75 billion for 7 planes that many military folks feel we don’t need seems like a bad idea. Interesting subplot: one of the people who helped make this happen was none other than John McCain. He ran for President against Barack Obama. He lost. But he was still on board with this issue. I like that.

Speaking of former candidates, Sarah Palin may be in trouble again. I’m trying to summarize, but I can’t do better than this sentence from USA Today: “Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who is to resign Sunday, may have violated ethics rules by accepting donations to rebut several ethics complaints.” She might have been unethical in the way that she defended herself against complaints about her ethics. That’s very meta. If this keeps up, a black hole may appear, leading to a singularity that will eventually cause the creation of an alternate universe, perhaps one in which Palin is President of the United States. Hey, it happened in Star Trek. Why not here?

The San Diego Comic Con starts tomorrow. Highlights include footage from the new ‘Tron’ movie, actors from the ‘Twilight’ movies, and the premiere of a musical episode of the Cartoon Network series “Batman: The Brave and the Bold” starring Neil Patrick Harris. Harris, or NPH as he appears to be called, will play a villain named Music Meister. Here’s a clip:

This episode of the animated series, titled “Mayhem of the Music Meister!”, will air in the fall, and is being called “the first Batman musical.” But the L.A. Times does point out that has been Batman music in the past. First, there is Adam West doing the Batusi:

And also Prince’s “Batdance,” from the 1989 Tim Burton film. (Which featured Michael Keaton as a Batman who couldn’t fight very well and wore reading glasses. But that’s another topic.)

Someone with money is sponsoring an ad campaign to cheer people up. Seems this recession has folks down. Aw. Buck up, little camper! A commenter at puts it well: Obviously the anonymous East Coast donor isn’t much affected by the recession if he (?) has the extra funds to underwrite this.

Apparently the Governator likes seals. California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger “signed a bill that may allow federally protected harbour seals to stay in [a] pool [in La Jolla], despite a judge’s earlier order to begin chasing them away.” Why would anyone want to be Governor of California?

It’s not a giant squid, but a man in Bolivia was killed by ants. He had fallen asleep under an “ant-infested” tree. That sucks.

A British man died when doctors refused to perform a liver transplant. Why? Because he was an alcoholic. “He was admitted to a London hospital in May but died after doctors refused to give him a liver transplant amid fears he would not stay sober for six months after the operation,” according to I’m not sure how I feel about that one.

House minority whip Eric Cantor “told Christian Zionists that U.S. policies in the Middle East must be ‘firmly grounded’ in Judeo-Christian principles.” Oh, I’m sure Muslims won’t have any problem with that comment. Cantor is a Virginia Republican, and is the only Jewish Congressman. Coincidentally, he is also the only Jewish person in Virginia. Just kidding. I think.

Finally, Fed. Chairman Ben Bernake says that the “pace of decline seems to have slowed,” according to the New York Times. So things suck, but they suck less than they did. Or they’re getting suckier at a slower rate. Interest rates may rise soon. Assuming that’s a good idea, I’m all for it. How’s that for a strong opinion?

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