Morning News - New Jersey Pimp Had A Throne


Allen Brown alleged pimp of Jersey CityAllen Brown of Jersey City, New Jersey has been arrested and charged with running a “human sex trafficking ring”. In other words, he’s accused of being a pimp. One of the you-can’t-make-this-stuff-up details is that he had a throne in his living room, according to CBS 3 News. Brown allegedly ran a particularly henious operation. “This is a case about human trafficking which, put simply, is modern-day slavery,” New Jersey Attorney General Anne Milgram told Also arrested: Brown’s mother and niece, along with four other folks. I guess this was the family business. Allegedly. Ouch.

The recent Denial of Service attack on Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and LiveJournal was meant to shut down one user, according to ZDNet. “Cyxymu”, who is based in Georgia, wrote on his LiveJournal blog Thursday: “Now it’s obvious it’s a special attack against me and Georgians.” These sorts of attacks are always amazing to me, since it appears that they can be done by a very young computer user with only a moderate amount of skill and effort. Scary.

Iraq’s Foreign Minister “inquired” about the three American hikers who were arrested in Iran, according to CNN. The trio “apparently crossed over the unmarked border from Iraq into Iran” when they were captured and charged with “illegal entry.”

Paul Stanley, Republican State Senator of Tennessee, is resigning today. No, he’s not another elected official trying to avoid “lame-duck” status, like Republican Senator Mel Martinez of Florida, who is stepping down with more than a year left on his term, or former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. No, Stanley was having an affair with a 22-year-old intern named McKensie Morrison. Morrison’s boyfriend, Joel Watts, allegedly tried to extort $10,000 from Stanley; Watts claimed to have “explicit photos” of his girlfriend doing baaad things in Stanley’s apartment. McKensie looks like a cutie. Who could blame Stanley? It must have been hard for the soon-to-be former Senator growing up with the same name as a rock star (Paul Stanley of Kiss) without the perks (bedding numerous young women). Oh, he’s married? With two kids? Pfft. WhatEVer.

Speaking of philandering politicians, Jenny Sanford, wife of Governor Mark “Hey! What am I doing in Argentina? I was hiking the Freedom Trail!” Sanford, moved out of the Governor’s Mansion this weekend. (You can hear me do a dramatic reading of Governor Sanford’s incredibly dorky emails to his mistress on the June 26 episode of Babble Talk Radio.) More news about Sanford: he “used state aircraft for personal and political trips”, including visits to the dentist and his “hairdresser”, according to the AP (via Huffington Post). The report says that Sanford “often [brought] along his wife and children.” I think he left them at home during his jaunts to Argentina.

Weekend Movie Box Office: “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra” came in first place with $56,200,000. Clearly the thing to do now is make a movie that critics don’t particularly like, then release it over the summer. You will make a dumptruck full of money. “Julie & Julia” (which I saw and really liked, despite being one of only four males in the theater) came in second place with $20,100,000. “G-Force” came in third and dropped to under 10 mil with $9,804,000, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” was in fourth place with $8,880,000 ($273,800,000 cume), and “Funny People” came in fifth with $7,866,000, a drop of more than 60 percent from last week.

Image: CBS 3