Morning News - Nokia Sues Apple


iPhoneNokia, the world’s largest manufacturer of cell phones, is suing Apple, makers of the world’s most hyped mobile device, the iPhone. Nokia says Apple is infringing on various patents, and wants a royalty payment of 1-2% for every iPhone Apple has sold. How much money is that? $400 million, according to the BBC. ($6 to $12 per phone… Apple has sold 30 million iPhones… OK… carry the two…) EngadgetMobile says we should “stay tuned for a fun decade or so of litigation” — sounds about right. (BBC)

A few more little tidbits to start your day:

– Some pregnant women don’t want the H1N1 vaccine. (L.A. Times)

John McCain doesn’t like the idea of Net Neutrality. He’s kind of wrong about that. (PC World)

– Hey look! The economy sucks in the United Kingdom too. (New York Times)

– And Lil’ Wayne, who is now 27 years old and no longer “Lil'” but that’s his business, is probably going to jail after pleading guilty to “criminal possession of a weapon.” (BBC)

Image: Amazon