Morning News – R. Kelly Is Back


R. Kelly is backAnyone who thought that R. Kelly would never work again after being accused of doing nasty things to underage girls — you would be wrong. He’s back and in a big way, playing Madison Square Garden. He was found not guilty. Maybe that helps.

Unfortunate double entendre-style headline from the Wall Street Journal – Colleagues Finger Billionaire. No, it wasn’t a hazing prank. According to the Journal, traders that did business with Raj Rajaratnam and his hedge-fund the Galleon Group, gave him up to the Feds. Rajaratnam is accused of insider-trading.

Reporters are leaving Iraq and moving to Afghanistan.

Scary series in the Times about reporter David Rohde being held by the Taliban for seven months. It’s called “Held by the Taliban.” Here’s a sample — after being captured at gunpoint, “I thought of my wife and family and was overcome with shame. An interview that seemed crucial hours earlier now seemed absurd and reckless. I had risked the lives of Tahir and Asad — as well as my own life. We reached a dry riverbed and the car stopped. ‘They’re going to kill us,’ Tahir whispered. ‘They’re going to kill us.'” Yikes.

Weekend movie box office: “Where The Wild Things Are” takes the top spot with $32,470,000. Some are wondering if that’s enough money for a “family film”, and therefore they wonder if the movie is indeed a family film. $32 million sounds OK to me. For what it’s worth, I liked it, and so did my kids. “Law Abiding Citizen” took the number 2 spot with $21,250,000. Third was “Paranormal Activity” with $20,163,000; this is a movie that cost $11,000 to make and has sold over $33 million so far. “Couples Retreat” came in fourth with $17,949,000 ($63,339,000 cume), and fifth was “The Stepfather” with $12,300,000. I think this is the first time in years that I saw the number one movie on opening weekend and it didn’t feature superheroes. Amazing.

Image: Wikipedia