Morning News - Serena Williams Is Not Happy


Angela Merkel smelled something badSome sort of debate in Germany between Chancellor Angela Merkel and Vice Chancellor Frank-Walter Steinmeier. I don’t know what it was about, but the photo of Merkel is great. “Mr. Vice Chancellor, not only do I disagree with you, but you smell terrible. A bath. Please. Take one.” (That is not an actual quote, in case you were wondering.)

Weird happenings in the world of tennis. Serena Williams lost the chance to move on at the U.S. Open because she threatened a line judge. She has also been fined, and may be suspended. I talked about this at A brief skimming of the interwebs shows that some folks are turning this into a racial thing, which I guess shouldn’t surprise me but it did.

Speaking of people who can’t control themselves in public, an examination of the history of Presidential heckling shows that Joe Wilson’s outburst was, in fact, rather unusual. Thanks to Laure68 for the link.

The chief fundraiser for former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich (remember him? The weirdo with the hair?) is dead and it could be a “death-suicide” according to Dwight Welch, the mayor of Country Club Hills, Illinois. Why do I think that anything connected to Blagojevich is going to be weird?

The search for missing Yale grad student Annie Le now includes sifting through the trash. I’ll take jobs I don’t want for $1000, Alex.

Jay Leno’s new show starts tonight at 10pm on NBC. It’s just like his old show except that it’s at 10pm. And he makes his guests get in a car and drive around a track. Not one of the relentless ads that I’ve seen has made me laugh. I’m slightly curious to see the show just to see how bad it actually is, but that’s it. Anyone planning on watching?

Weekend Movie Box Office: Tyler Perry took the top spot with “Tyler Perry’s I Can Do Bad All By Myself” which stars Tyler Perry. I was also written and directed by Tyler Perry. (I detect a trend here.) The film took in $24 million. Next up was “9” with $10.9M. My son wants to see this one but thinks it might be too scary, so I may need to make the ultimate sacrifice and go see it first. Anyone out there seen it and want to tell me if it’s too creepy for kids? “Inglourious Basterds” was third with $6.5M, which was enough to break the $100 million mark. Fourth was “All About Steve” ($5.8M, $21.8M cume) and fifth place went to “Final Destination” ($5.5M, $58.3M cume).

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