Morning News: Shocking Shooting at Holocaust Museum


holocaust-musem-shootingI think we were all shocked when we saw this headline flash across our screens yesterday: Shooting at the US Holocaust Museum. Even more shocking, the suspected shooter was an 88-year-old white supremacist that has done time for walking into a Federal Reserve Office with a gun, knife, and fake bomb and attempting to make a citizen’s arrest.

He killed a well-respected security guard, Stephen T. Johns, and sent tourists running for cover before being shot by another guard. As of this writing, he’s still being treated at George Washington University Hospital. I knew the nutcases were getting restless, but this? This horrified me.

This is nowhere near so tragic but makes me cranky nonetheless: the Obama administration opted not to attempt any serious limits on executive pay, although they did set some limits on CEO salaries for companies that received bailout funds. After reading an article recently that described deposed GM CEO Rick Wagoner hiding out weepily in his second home while autoworkers are worried about keeping their first modest one, just maybe we should entertain the possibility that these guys don’t need, you know, hundreds of times more than their average worker makes.

Speaking of the auto business, Chrysler finished its deal with Fiat yesterday, exiting from bankruptcy in the process. Thanks to the Supreme Court lifting a temporary stay, the company’s back in business, after a fashion.

As for those of us who just don’t like stupid, there’s some good news: Carrie Prejean, the anti-gay marriage Miss California, has been deposed. Anyone taking bets on the likelihood of the Playboy photo shoot by the end of the year?

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