Morning News - Stimulus Is Working


The economy stinks and does not stink.The stimulus is working, according to “Congress’ non-partisan budget watchdog”. (Sadly, this is not an actual dog. How funny would that be? Like Groundhog Day, except that once a year a bulldog pokes his head out and says “Economy good – woof” or “economy bad – woof.”) HOWEVER, the deficit is growing faster than President Obama wants it to. (I’m oversimplifying.) I’m continuously amazed at how some folks say that we can’t blame former President George W. Bush for the country’s financial woes. Then they blame Bill Clinton and/or Barney Frank. Anyway, things are bad, getting better, but still not great. Got it? Good. (Woof.)

The stock market rose because we will, in fact, continue to have Ben Bernake to kick around for awhile longer. (Bernake was nominated for a second term as Fed chief.)

Apple Tablet? iPod Touch Giganto? iBigScreenThingie? Maybe? I hate to be yet another Apple Zombie, but I have to admit that if such a device is released I would want one. Not saying I would get one. But I’d want to.

The Christian Science Monitor says that the advertiser boycott of Glenn Beck’s Fox News Channel TV show will “almost certainly backfire.” One of the bizarre aspects of this whole hoo-ha is that many of Beck’s supporters were probably among those who called for advertisers to boycott David Letterman’s show when he made his joke about Sarah Palin’s daughter. Pot, kettle? (Beck, by the way, “eviscerated” Letterman on his radio show when Dave made the joke about the Palin daughter. I’d play you the clip but it’s only available to those who are “Glenn Beck insiders.” That is, people who pay extra to hear every word he says.)

Another great headline: “Jessica Biel Searches Deemed Most Dangerous“. This means that computer baddies hide malicious code in websites that claim to have photos of Biel showing off her bod.

Despite the controversy surrounding her gender, Caster Semenya received a hero’s welcome when she returned to her native South Africa. People shouted “Mama! Mama!”, so I gues they think she’s a she. I’m fascinated and utterly confused by this story; look for a Babble Talk Radio segment on it sometime in the next couple of weeks.

Speaking of Babble Talk Radio (ahem) — make sure you listen to Morning News Live today at 9:30am EST. We’ll discuss my post about the Chinese ad promoting half-price abortions, your reactions to it, and the other interesting issues that were rasied. I’ll be joined once again by Jeanne Sager, and you — if you call in, that is. We’re live today from 9:30am until 10:00am, the number to call is (347) 996-5362 (note: not a toll-free number). Or check out show chat room.

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