Morning News - Swine Flu Vaccine Here, Sort Of


Toddler Kissing a PigIf you want to get a shot for swine flu, aka H1N1 (or “heinie”, which is not catching on no matter how many times I mention it), you can.


Some doses have arrived, but there isn’t enough for everyone yet. There should be enough for everyone by mid-October. Maybe. Anyone else confused? I’m going to keep bathing in Purell for now.

Lady GaGa was on Saturday Night Live, apparently. Do you care? I don’t think I care. Madonna was there as well. Nope, still don’t care.

This whole Letterman thing is heating up. One of the affairs Dave had was with a former assistant named Stephanie Birkitt, who once described her boss as “just playful” in an interview. She also appeared on The Late Show in a number of skits over the years. Here are a couple of them:

Don’t go looking for the video of the apology, though, CBS pulled unauthorized copies of that clip and then didn’t put it on YouTube, or on their own website. Um, guys? Cat’s out of the bag, y’know?

‘Zombieland’ ate the brains of its competition at the box office this weekend, taking in $25 million. Sadly, Drew Barrymore’s roller derby movie ‘Whip It’ came in sixth, with only $6.5 million. Haven’t seen it but it looks funny. And I like Drew. She was awfully cute in E.T.:

Somewhat short Morning News today, I have to go get my flu shot. But not my swine flu shot. That’ll come later. Maybe.