Morning News - United States Demands To See Iranian Nukes


Flag of IranIran has a nuclear facility and we want to see what the hell is going on in there. Um, yeah. Iran + Nukes = Oy + Vey. Not good.

Click this link. The image you will see is “a map of the contiguous United States visualized by distance to the nearest McDonald’s.” The headline at says it all — “McDonald’s. Yes, They Really Are Everywhere.” Scary.

Japan wants the Olympics. Chicago wants the Olympics, and the First Lady is in Copenhagen trying to help make that happen.


New rules at Tufts University — no more sex in your dorm room while your roommate is there. Also no longer allowed is kicking out your roommate so that you can make the beast with two backs, aka “sexiling.” They needed to make this a rule? How will it be enforced? From CNN: “School: Policy about being mindful of roommates’ need for privacy, study, sleep.” I really want to go back in time and be a fly on the wall at the Provost’s office when this rule was discussed.

And finally, China is celebrating 60 years of being a communist country. You know what we have to say to that?

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