Morning News - Weird World Records Broken


guinness-world-records-2010We’ll start with an item from last week I never got to about weird world records being broken.

How about pulling “a double-decker bus weighing more than eight metric tons over a distance of 21.2 meters” — with your hair? England’s Manjit Singh did that. Also broken was the fastest time eating a bowl of pasta, and the most people ever stuffed into a sauna. (Reuters)

President Obama is done with China for now. Shockingly, there has been some controversy surrounding his trip. (BBC)

Here is some video of the Prez checking out the Great Wall. I’ve always wondered why there’s no Mediocre Wall. And do other walls feel inferior to the Great Wall? (AP Video)

A lot of people are less than thrilled with the new mammogram guidelines that say women under 50 don’t need them at all, and even then it’s only every other year. Yeah, that’s stupid. As for advising against self-exams? That’s really stupid. What exactly is the harm of doing a self-check? (San Francisco Chronicle)

And finally, a Tea Party person named Nigel Coleman will not be burning Nancy Pelosi in effigy at their rally on Saturday. So, you know, don’t bring the marshmallows. Well, maybe bring them, but don’t expect s’mores. Apparently Pelosi has already been burned, not by her fellow Democrats who are busting her chops about the health care bill (see what I did there?), but by anti-choice person Randall Terry, who made a YouTube video featuring Pelosi and Harry Reid in flames.

FLAMES! HELLFIRE! YOU WILL ALL BURN! These people are nuts. (San Francisco Chronicle)

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