Mother Develops Allergy to Her Own Baby


alergic-imageBritish mother Joanne Mackie used to have to wrap her arms in wet towels just to feed her baby. If she allowed skin to skin contact with the newborn boy, she would develop red splotches which eventually turned into blisters.

Mackie, you see, is allergic to her baby.

The Telegraph reported that Mackie noticed the blotches after the first time she tried to feed him. Once the blisters had spread to her entire body and causing tremendous pain, she sought medical help.

A skin biopsy showed that Mackie suffered from a rare condition, Pemphigoid Gestationis, caused by an allergy that she developed during her pregnancy.

So for her son’s first few weeks of life, she couldn’t touch, hold or kiss her baby. She watched while her husband bathed him. She stood helpless while her husband went to comfort him.

Eventually, a round of steroids has brought the allergy under control. Now she cuddles him all she wants.

[AndersonCooper360 blog]

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