Mother of the Year? Calif. Mom Arrested for Egging Son on in Fight

Jennifer Zuniga
Jennifer Zuniga

Some days I feel like a better parent than others. Yesterday was not a day that will get written down in the baby book after I encouraged my daughter to play inside rather than stay outside because I didn’t feel like going upstairs to put on long pants on in the chilly late afternoon weather. Today is a better day, however, and she’s barely awake yet.

I just think that compared to the mom in California who was caught on tape encouraging her son to beat up another kid, I come off smelling like roses. Jennifer Zuniga, 33, of Ceres, Calif., was arrested last week after police were tipped off to a video on YouTube in which she tells her son to pummel another boy, yelling, “Beat him down. Body slam him.”

The video has made the rounds online and also shows Zuniga giving her son tips on how to win the fight, assuring both kids they have parental permission to fight at her house and the police will not be called. The boys are seen on tape bloody and swinging at each other with wild abandon.

A man is seen in the video trying to stop the fight by getting in between the boys.

“Lady, you’re letting them fight like this? What kind of example are you, lady?” he asks Zuniga.

“I don’t care,” she tells him.

According to police, Zuniga faces child endangerment and contributing to the delinquency of a minor charges.

I’ve said it before, but it’s worth repeating in this case, I think: Just because mostly everyone can bear a child, doesn’t mean they necessarily should.

Source: CNN

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