One Chinese Mother Wishes She Had Been a Tiger Mom

tiger mother, tiger mom
Becky's mother wishes she had been a Tiger Mom.

My friend Becky Yamamoto is a brilliant comedian and actress who gained a rave review in The New York Times while playing “Korean-American” in Young Jean Lee’s Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven.  Yamamoto has been keeping a hilarious hidden gem of a video blog called Chinese Food Forever, and her most recent post skewers the Tiger Mom controversy.

Yamamoto writes, as her mother:

Becky!  You won’t believe this, I am right!  I tell you.  The Wall St. Journal say that Chinese mom is the best!  See!  I tell you all along but you never believe me.  And now a very respected journal tell the world the truth, Chinese mom is the best!  This lady Amy tell you the truth!  You should listen to me.  If you practice piano like I tell you, maybe you would be playing piano at Carnegie Hall.

Watch Yamamoto’s biting impression of her mother’s failed attempts at being a Tiger after the jump.