Mothers Coming Clean About Their Darkest Secrets

therapy, divorce, anxiety
Stepping out of the shadows...

It’s not a new phenomenon, mothers finally opening up about anxiety and depression. About alcoholism or drug use. About failed relationships, abuse. These women in your personal life or who you may know through their writing, they seem so together and then one day they reveal that things have been hard. The common theme in these reveals is often that they were the last person to acknowledge the problem. What they thought no one knew, everyone kinda knew.

My marriage was over for almost three years before I left. And almost three years after leaving, I’m just now beginning to see the arc of my life’s story with any level of clarity. I’ve written about my marriage a bunch here and elsewhere and I’m sure I’ll continue to write about my marriage and the arc of my life’s story, hopefully in book form. But for now, I’m concentrating on the future. On getting past the past. A friend recently told me that she’s learning how to be comfortable with uncertainty, something we all have to face at one point or another. I’m comfortable with uncertainty at this point, I’m fine muddling in transitory waters – in fact, I feel like I’m finally trudging (maybe) into the next phase of my life. But what will it look like? Here’s a short video I made about my best guess:

Photo via Flickr