Mother's Day: Google Doodle Pays an Adorable Tribute to Mom


If it’s a holiday there are things that happen, gifts may be exchanged, school may be cancelled, there may be cake and there will be a brand new Google Doodle. The first three things I mentioned are negotiable but the Google Doodle? It’s a sure thing.

In honor of Mother’s Day, Google created a very sweet animated splash page that features…mom as the letter G pearls and all and two twin Os as the children.  And this Google Doodle is special, as the Huffington Post notes, “This year marks the first time Google has opted for a moving animation for Mother’s Day. Since 2000, the search engine has posted static illustrations, usually featuring flowers, each year for Mother’s Day.”

Glad to see mom is honor is being honored with some animation this year, because one thing for sure moms are never static.

You can check out the Google Mother’s Day sweetness right here:

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