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Did you know that mother-to-infant transmission of HIV and AIDS is nearly entirely preventable? This is great news, of course, but sadly, according to mothers2mothers, an organization dedicated to helping mother save babies:

Yet in sub-Saharan Africa — where 90 percent of the world’s pregnant women with HIV live — every day 1000 children are born with HIV – compared with one a day in the U.S. and Europe. Without treatment, half of them will die before the age of 2. AIDS-related illnesses are also the leading cause of death for women of reproductive age.

That’s right. HALF of them will die.

The mothers2mothers campaign trains mothers will HIV to educate their peers and help prevent the spread of this devastating disease. This amazing program helps in a unique way.

mothers2mothers trains and employs new mothers living with HIV to provide education and support to women just like themselves. These Mentor Motherswork alongside doctors and nurses to serve the needs of pregnant women and new mothers living with HIV, helping to fill the gaps in critically understaffed health systems.

In honor of World AIDS Day (December 1st, 2011), mother2mother has launched a new campaign called “babies2babies” and  they are making it easy to get involved. You can start a local chapter, combine a traditional shower with a fundraising element, or even host a virtual shower.

It’s easy to get involved. And a great way for the mom blogging community to support other mothers.

For more, I’d highly recommend you read our own Catherine Conners’ post about it here, because her tale reminds you of the impact an organization like this can have. Go. Read. Do good.

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