Move Over Mommie Dearest; Meet the Worlds Newest Worst Mother [Video]

World's Meanest Mom
How could any mom do something on purpose to make her child look at her this way just for laughs?

I often wonder why some people choose to become parents when they so clearly hate kids, including their own.

Take Jonathan’s mom. Jonathan’s family videotaped him opening a Christmas gift — an Xbox 360 — that turned out to be filled with clothes instead of the highly coveted gaming system.

Before he realizes what’s inside he’s visibly thrilled. Then he realizes what’s inside and is crushed, while everyone in the room breaks into laughter. His mom can be heard telling him obnoxiously that he needed winter clothes. That may well be true, but why fool him into thinking he’s getting an Xbox?

To make matters worse? A voice off camera is heard saying, “Jonathan, we can’t afford an Xbox 360…so look at the camera and cry.” Judging by the expression on Jonathan’s face, it appears he didn’t need much prompting.

Who does that to a kid? What kind of mother does that to her own kid? Watch this video and see for yourself:



Video + Image: YouTube

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