Move Over Rhinestone-Studded Pacifiers, Now There's Teething Jewelry

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Would you pay $29.50 for a teething ring?  Probably not.  But you might cough up that much if it looked like a really hip necklace, right?  That’s what a new crop of designers specializing in “teething jewelry” are hoping.

ABC News interviewed several of the mom-trepreneurs behind this new trend.  Co-owner of Sonny and Reed, Becky Durham, said “the beads on her company’s chewable jewelry (are) made with extra nubs for teething. They’re enlarged to make sure they’re not a choking hazard.”  Dr. Bloom’s Chewable Jewels offers a set of three bracelets for $19.95 designed by Helen Bloom Smith, a dentist from Birmingham, AL. According to the article, “a percentage of profits are donated to the Starlight Foundation, which helps seriously ill children.”

Though the jewelry is attractive and potentially a problem-solver for busy moms, Christina Vercelletto of Parenting magazine notes there may be a catch.  “It could start a habit that is hard to break.”  If your baby gets used to gnawing on just any old necklace you’re wearing, he or she may eventually chip a tooth on your rhinestone-studded jewels.