Mr. Rogers - How Well Do You Know Him?


Fred Rogers has been gone for eight years, and Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood has been off the air on most PBS stations for one.  The adults who knew and loved him as kids are left nostalgic for his calm voice and gentle story lines that just aren’t as common in today’s programming for kids (can anyone say Spongebob?).

Gone, yes, but not forgotten.  Mental Floss list 15 reasons why Mr. Rogers was the perfect neighbor:  He was tolerant, he was exceedingly kind, he never let fame get to him, and every one of his sweaters was hand-knit by his mother.  Even Koko the gorilla was a fan.

When you get done reminiscing, take the quiz and see how well you really know Mr. Rogers.  I got six out of 10, passing but barely.  How did you do?

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