Multitasking Tech Scores High

I don’t own a mushroom scrubber or a cherry pitter. It just seems like such a waste to have a thing in my kitchen drawer that just does ONE THING. I’d rather have one thing that does many. If I can compose a blog post, help with homework, and get dinner ready all at the same time, of course I expect at least as much functionality from the things I invest in too. C’mon, moms… I know you feel the same way.

It’s no wonder that I love my iPhone! It’s not just a phone. It’s also my camera, video camera, and GPS… among many other things. My printer? Also faxes and scans. My favorite dress? …doubles as a skirt. You get my point… efficiency scores high in my world.

So when it came time to invest in a family computer, I was just as strategic. I wasn’t even sure I could buy into the idea of anything other than a laptop seeing as I have 1000 square feet of living space… for the three of us and a dog… and soccer gear and basketball gear and arts and crafts and everything else you’d expect from a family with elementary-aged kids. Where would said family computer station even live?

Lucky for me, more and more technology is being designed to suit the lifestyles of efficiency-conscious digital families like ours. If you’re not familiar with all-in-one desktop computers like the iMac (starting at $1199) and the HP TouchSmart ($579.99), I highly suggest you take a look. They will change your life, I swear.

Not surprisingly, I’m thrilled that this one machine does the job of three: my TV, my DVD player, and my home computer. When not in use, the keyboard and mouse are neatly tucked away. In fact, when it’s not in use, the whole thing is neatly tucked away in the armoire.

Our first screening was of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Graphics and sound were fantastic. And, we can move it from room to room with ease, depending on where we’d like to watch movies. Yes, as I type this, our ancient television is waiting to be donated.

Not only is it’s all-in-oneness and portability cool for me, but the touch screen feature is the big winner for my kids. It took only minutes to unpack our TouchSmart and for my daughter to exclaim, “It’s like a giant iPad!” Just that quickly, it’s replaced the laptop as the coolest thing in the house… and we have a really cool laptop!

To see the next generation adeptly navigate from keyboard to mouse to screen is like watching a scene from Minority Report. (Last I heard, iMac touchscreens are still in the works.) I’m sure my grandparents felt the same way when computers actually became small enough to fit in a house but seriously, sometimes I think I’m living science fiction. I wonder what my grandfather would say if he saw my new “coffee table-top” computer — the model I have is the HP 320 (VISION technology from AMD).

As you can tell, I’m an all-in-one believer. My TouchSmart being the latest addition to my collection of favorite things that multi-task (just like me).

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