Muppets to Host the Oscars? It Could Happen, Now that Eddie Murphy Has Quit

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Ah! Kermie! The Oscars!

Eddie Murphy announced this week that he would not host the Academy Awards in February after his creative partner and would-be producer of Hollywood’s biggest event, Brett Ratner, quit amidst criticism resulting from his use of a gay slur at a screening of the pair’s recent release, Tower Heist.

The Washington Post notes that “Don Mischer, who co-produced last year’s Oscars — remains on board for the show,” and it was just announced today that Oscar-winning producer Brian Grazer will fill Ratner’s role. As far as finding a new host goes, the Post says, “There’s no great rush …. The academy did not announce Hathaway and Franco as hosts until the end of November last year, while the announcement on Jackman three years ago did not come until mid-December.”

But fans are anxious to see a new host named, or make that hosts, plural. There’s a campaign on Facebook and a convincing plea on Gizmodo urging the academy to choose The Muppets to helm the ceremony.

Roberto Baldwin of Gizmodo nails exactly why the Oscars hosted by The Muppets would be so mind-blowingly perfect. He writes:

The Muppet Show had everything that would make an Oscar broadcast TV gold: Jokes! Songs! Celebrities! Chickens! And while we’re at it, why stop at hosting? Why not a complete Muppet takeover? Instead of nominated musicians being accompanied by the orchestra, let’s let Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem accompany them …. Instead of playing music to usher the winners ungraciously off-stage mid-speech, get Statler and Waldorf up in the balcony to shut them up …. The possibilities are truly endless. Beaker and Dr. Bunsen Honeydew could introduce the special effects category. Missy Piggy, best female actress. CHECK OUT WHAT MISS PIGGY MIGHT LOOK LIKE ON THE RED CARPET.

EXACTLY. Let the Oscars BECOME The Muppet Show. Hollywood should be so honored. (Although it would be kind of crazy if the new Muppet movie ends up winning in multiple categories. Ha.) Baldwin says, “If we can get Betty White on SNL, surely we can get The Muppets hosting an awards show. I will not rest until the Muppets are handing out awards to the best sound effects team. And neither should you.” You can start by joining the Facebook group The Muppets Should Host the 2012 Oscars and follow @MuppetOscars on Twitter. Sure, it’s not as important as political activism, but helping The Muppets secure the role of host for the Oscars would ensure that the Academy Awards are actually worth watching this year — even if you haven’t seen a movie made for adults since your kids were born.