My Little Pony: From Kiddie Fun to Cult Status Memes, Mashups & More

My Little Pony!

I don’t know about your daughter, but mine? She loves and I mean loves My Little Pony. I should confess that she hasn’t seen the animated series inspired by the Hasbro toy, but when she sees those bright colored plastic dolls, her heart goes pitter patter. And it’s evidently not just her and her peers, My Little Pony is another example of one of those kiddie classics that has become a phenomenon with the adult set.

Check out these tributes to My Little Pony right here, from Memes, to mashups and more:

“Spike Pilgrim Vs. The World” (more mashups here)

My Little Pony x Edward Scissorhands!

Officially the coolest My Little Pony EVER! A clever crafter created this My Little Pony ode to Edward Scissorhands…so awesome!

Star Wars My LIttle Pony!
Lady Gaga My Little Pony
Lady Gaga My Little Pony

Make Your Own My Little Pony Meme!

This site lets you make your own My Little Pony meme! Which is great for the kiddies, like birthday party invites and such!

My Little Pony Wig!

And when your daughter wants to dress up like a My Little Pony? This wig is perfect! Perhaps a little dangerous but it’s still pretty cool. This one is available from a crafty Etsy seller here.

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