My Social Media Wishlist

It’s true.  I keep a running wishlist in my head of technologies or features that I wish some smart person would invent and implement to make my social media life easier.  My poor husband gets the brunt of it because he is a software developer and I’m always barraging him with harebrained ideas for him to develop.

Not to worry, he pays me no mind.  But! If there IS some brilliant tech whiz out there with the wherewithal to make these things happen, call me!  Here’s a glimpse at a piece of my wishlist:

1.  The Ability to Edit a Retweet on Yes, yes, I know all of the other myriad platforms that exist out there that I could be using to tweet.  But see, most of those applications are blocked on computers that are on, ahem, corporate networks, let’s say.  Also? Sometimes, I just don’t feel like opening Tweetdeck.  It seems to me that if Twitter wants to market its main website as the best platform for tweeting (their acquisition of Tweetdeck notwithstanding), then they would make their site the most robust.  Granted, if that theory were true, their site wouldn’t always be crashing, but humor me for a moment. 

Image Credit: ShannaBanan_o_rama


So for now, if I want to add a “great post!” or a “thanks!” or a “that was the most profound statement I’ve read all day” to someone else’s tweet, I am left to copy the original tweet, paste it into my message box, add the letters “RT” and the @ symbol in front of the user who I am trying to retweet, and then delete their username.  An annoying process that could be solved quite easily, I would imagine.




2.  The Ability to Leave a Comment on a Blog Post Within Google Reader. Isn’t the whole point of using a blog reader that it’s efficient, convenient and alleviates the need for you to visit each individual blog? That theory flies out the window once you want to leave a comment if you’re using Google Reader.  The unfortunate thing is that it doesn’t take much for people to get deterred from leaving a comment: a captcha, a special login system – depending on my mood or how much time I have, those extra hurdles may mean the difference between receiving a comment and not.

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And so, for the person trying to quickly catch up on the goings on of her blog friends via reader, having to click over to the actual blog and then leave a comment, defeats the purpose.  Even more sad is that the blog post author misses out on some interaction.  I try to make an effort to click over to the actual post if I’m dying to leave a comment, but, more often than not, I end up leaving a mental comment and moving on.

Come on Google! I know your busy attaining world domination, but could you help us out here? You may have bigger fish to fry though.


3. A User-Friendly Dashboard for All of My Social Media and Email Accounts. I’m kind of confused about this one.  In this age of popup startups, how come no one’s invented a super-duper-awesome dashboard? Sure, I know of some – and each has limited capability or just plain isn’t cute, or is targeted at social media marketing professionals – but I want a fabulous, everyday one.  I think it would change lives.

I have to share that I decided to do a quick search for dashboards as I was writing this, and found Threadsy.  It looked simple and sleek enough, so I signed up and then….this:


I give up.

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