Nadya Suleman and Octuplets Create Kid Chaos on Today (And Everywhere)


Octomom Nadya Suleman on TodayI was in an NYC taxi last week when I saw those unmistakeable lips on the screen in the seat, and the news ticker sliding along below them: OCTOMOM SAYS: I HATE MY KIDS.

I had just wrangled my own 1/4 size posse with enormous effort and a soundtrack of screaming, and what I felt most for Nadya Suleman at that moment was pity. With a little empathy. Though I can’t say I’m a big fan of Suleman or her childbearing choices, I do wonder how people’s reactions to her reflect on the way they react to moms in general. When mothers complain about their post-baby lives, the “you asked for it, you got it” mentality seems to be a common response. Is Octomom just experiencing that same attitude 8 times over?

Suleman brought her octuplets (plus one older kid to act as babysitter) onto the Today show on Friday. On the show, she vigorously denies having said anything about hating her kids, sitting on the floor with an armful of kid or three, swearing that she loves them, would die for them. She seems, to say the least, slightly off. But then, she always did.

But the weirdest thing about the clip is how the brood transforms the formal patter of the Today Show studio into the kind of unpredictable madness moms deal with every day. It’s painful to watch the two adults onscreen try to carry on a conversation, and not just because Suleman’s a nut job.

Jezebel said the segment had them running screaming for their birth control pills.

While the Today show returned to kid-free efficiency after the clan’s departure, for the Sulemans, the chaos is a normal state of affairs. Apparently, the clan so disturbed the peace on the pre-flight back to LA that actress Kristin Johnson marched herself right off the plane.

Maybe eight is pushing it, but Babble says Don’t Worry About Your Badly Behaved Kid!