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Name the Duggar Baby!

By Madeline Holler |

the-duggars-need-help-naming-baby-19The sprawling Duggar family needs your help. No, not with money for groceries, diaper changing or information on birth control. They’ve got residuals, older daughters and Psalm 127:5 for all that!

No, what Michelle and Jim Bob D. would like some input on are baby names. They announced yesterday she’s pregnant with their 19th! Seems naming an entire compound of kids starting with the letter “J” is proving difficult.

So! They’re taking suggestions. I know Strollerderby readers are full of opinions (I say that with love), so let’s have them. A recap of what has already been used:

From People:

Joshua James, 21
Jana Marie, 19
John-David, 19
Jill Michelle, 18
Jessa Lauren, 16
Jinger Nicole, 15
Joseph Garrett, 14
Josiah Matthew, 13
Joy-Anna, 11
Jedidiah Robert, 10
Jeremiah Robert, 10
Jason Michael, 9
James Andrew, 8
Justin Samuel, 6
Jackson Levi, 5
Johanna Faith, 3
Jennifer Danielle, 2
Jordyn-Grace Makiya, 8 months

Ma and Pa Duggar are not likely to go for my Strollerderby colleagues’ suggestions: JaRilly NeedAnotherBaby and J0-J0 (short for Johnjacobjingleheimerschmidt). It’s safe to say they’ll also forego this German terrorist’s insane idea.

But what’s left of the more likely candidates? I love messing with the Baby Name Wizard, so I just punched in “J” for both sexes and came up with these:














And the very, very unlikely: Jezebel

What do you recommend? (Besides vasectomy!)

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83 thoughts on “Name the Duggar Baby!

  1. [...] UPDATE: The Duggars need help with this J-baby. They’re taking suggestions! [...]

  2. Bunny says:

    Jock Itch
    Jowly McGee

  3. sarah says:


  4. SussLW says:

    I love how the Baby Name Wizard easily spit out a dozen normal J names yet the Duggars went with “Jessa”, “Jinger” and “Jedidiah”

  5. Gretchen says:

    I second Jesus. It’s perfect.

  6. Laura says:

    I’d go with “Jesus F-ing Christ, You People Need Other Hobbies.”

  7. Jordan Banner says:

    Comments girl: Joya, Joyla, Jaylin
    boy: Jakob, Jeremy, Juda

  8. Carrie M. says:

    Comments Jesus would be perfect for them since they are jesus freaks

  9. Carrie M. says:

    Comments whoops meant to capitalize the second Jesus

  10. ChiLaura says:

    “Jinger”? Is this supposed to be “Ginger”? I look at that and all I think is that it rhymes with “singer.” Anyone else?

    I’m just not a fan of naming one’s kids with the same initial letter.

  11. Mary says:

    I think it’s ironic that a blog dedicated to babies and children seems to hate it when there are “too many” of them in one family. I like children and the Duggars seem to be a nice family. There are plenty of families out there who do a lot worse.

  12. Ali says:

    Jesus, because that is why they all have names that start with “J”. My favorite is Jermajesty, Jermaine (germaine) Jacksons’ son.

  13. Whit says:

    Jesus H. Christ Popsicle Stick Duggar



  14. tess says:

    a perfect name for the new baby is: Justabout Enough Duggar!

  15. Jill says:

    Comments Judah (Hebrew: Praised) if a boy
    Jarah (Hebrew: Sweetness) if a girl

  16. jinxy says:


    LOL idk but I think after having a certain amount of children you should be cut off

  17. RCL says:

    Boy Names: Jacob, Jade, Jayden, Jonathan, Jude, Jake, Jeffrey, Joey, Jared, Jarod, Jerome, Jericho, Jet, Joel, Jacques.

    Girl Names: Judith, Jean, Jeannine, Julie, Juliette, Jasmine, Jamie, Janet, Jenelle, Jacqueline, Jewel, Jolene, Jovita, Julianne, Joslyn.

  18. compgek918 says:

    Comments Junelle for a girl and Jonathan for a boy

  19. Judy Rogers says:


    Girl or boy name: Journey

  20. kate says:

    Jude for a boy and Joelle for a girl.

  21. Eva says:

    Jonas, Jonah

  22. nellie says:

    Janelle (girl) Julia (girl) joel(joel) Jared (boy)

  23. Leslie Carlsay says:

    A name that I’ve always loved was Janaleah. I work on a hem/onc floor and one of my favorite patients was named that. She was the sweetest most spirited young lady I’d ever met! I’d love if the named there baby, if it were a girl after her!

  24. Elsie says:


  25. [...] Rachel Carroccio, the fifth in a brood of 10, sheds some light on one of the most complained about aspects of the Duggars — the fact that their older girls, for the most part, take care of the younger kids. The boys [...]

  26. [...] Click for a more detailed “timeline report,” and you can see a state-by-state comparison of the density of “Jeanne,” “Jonathan” or “Jehosephat” (not surprisingly, the latter never made it into the top one hundred – perhaps we should suggest it for the Duggars?). [...]

  27. teresa says:

    Congrats to the Duggars, I would suggest Jessica Hope for a girl and Jeremy Grant for a boy, hope all is healthy and happy.

  28. teresa says:

    Since they already have a Jeremiah, I would suggest Joel Grant.

  29. Jen says:

    Jasper Alexander for a boy

    Jadyn Leigh (or Lee) for a girl

  30. Jenny says:

    What about Junia for a girl. It’s in the Bible.

  31. Amy Stevens says:

    Jacynth Beautiful, Beloved Girl Greek My
    Jaelyn Bird of light. Girl American
    Jaidon Heard by God. Alterna… Boy American
    Jasper Semi-precious stone Boy unknown
    Jayce Strong Girl Cherokee
    Jayden God has heard Boy or girl American
    Jennabeth Spiritual gift. Girl Celtic M
    Jillian Girl Girl Old Engl
    Joelle The Lord is willing Girl Hebrew,
    Joel God is willing, Jehov… Boy
    Josie God wiIl multiply Girl Christia
    Jovan Warrior. Boy American
    Julian Youthful Boy Greek
    Justine Just, true Girl Hebrew,
    There is a few that i like i hope you like them too.

  32. barbara says:

    boy/jakob malakhi girl/jaelyn rose /are boy /journey todd girl/ julie olivia

  33. carol says:

    girl/jakaline ava / jasmine kate boy/jared noah /jeffery kaden

  34. kristi says:

    the name i like is journey solae’ you could use journey but change the middle name is you dislike that one. i just love journey

  35. Lucy says:

    Ja-Really- Need-Another-Baby

  36. Jul says:

    Maybe something like Juliana or Julianna!
    Something unique,something catchy, old fashioned but still in style!

  37. Jul says:

    Juliana Lynn or Julianna Lynn.
    Juliana Elizabeth or Julianna Elizabeth.
    Juliana Louise or Julianna Louise!

  38. Alisha says:

    Jaxsyn Paisli-girl
    Jaxson Wade-boy

  39. Mary Lou Illingworth says:

    Comments The name I like is Jovial, or Jubal (biblical name) for a boy and Jovianna or Jova Leah for a girl. Best of luck to you! I admire you for taking care of your family the way you do.

  40. jeannie says:

    Hello Michelle, My name is Jeannie Lynn (Jeannie means “God’s gift” I think a beautiful name for your next baby (if she’s a girl) would be Jeannie Mackynzie Duggar. My kids and I watch you all the time and I am always amazed as to what wonderful children you have. Good luck with your beautiful new granddaughter and your next baby. Jeannie

  41. Renee says:

    Comments: Jancy Shay

  42. sue says:

    CommentsJaden for a boy, Jaelyn for a girl

  43. Autumn says:

    I would suggest Jane Elizabeth for a girl
    And for a boy Jarrett James…
    Also,Jewl Elizabeth.Jacob Alen

  44. Justyce says:

    So, maybe since we are in the war and you guys are so inspirational… maybe go with Justice as a boy or girl name… just change the spelling

  45. Savannah says:

    Jacklyn Shirley
    Josefina Eloise
    Jaden Fredrick
    Jeffrey Benjamin

  46. Ellie says:

    The biblical name Jaala means “ascending”.

  47. Tiffany says:

    How about Juliana for a girl?

  48. joyce johnson says:

    for a girl: JOYCE – I’m 66 and I it’s a grand OLD name that seems to be rarely used
    for a boy: Of course JOHNSON – the most common name is america

  49. joyce johnson says:

    girl: Joyce which in Hebrew is Simchat meaning joyous,
    so Joyce Simchat or JOY JOY

  50. joyce johnson says:

    boy: JOHNSON, son of John

  51. Maria says:

    how about….Johnathan for a boy and Josephine for a girl???

  52. Nanabeca says:

    Girl: Jayla or Jaylin
    Boy: Jacob

  53. Katie says:

    January Diane
    Jay Edward

  54. Frances Brasher says:

    Comments SUGGESTION FOR NAMES BABY DUGGAR: Girl = JANINA; Boy JEVIN (like Kevin with a J.)

  55. eva says:

    Comments my names are jasmine /jared /jodie soon people are some what rude its a shame

  56. ksjhawk says:

    Jorja for a girl, Jacob for a boy

  57. Kimberly says:


  58. Bethany Lynn says:

    For a boy Jacob or Jorge and Girl Jina or Jaycee

  59. Cheryl says:

    Comments: Jeff, Jett, Jody, Jane

  60. Holly says:



  61. Amber says:

    congrats to this lovely family, for a girl, I think Jamie Hope is pretty, for a boy, Jacob Luke is nice.

  62. b gesford says:


  63. JamieLee says:

    Boy or Girl: Jamie Lee Duggar.
    Although I am a woman and that is my name, it suits well for both. It sounds good together. (please pick me!) :)

  64. Melanie says:

    Girl Names: Julianne (my sister’s name), Julianna, Julia, Juliet, Joelle, Jamie, Jane, Jenna, Jocelyn,
    Boy Names: Jared, Jacob, Joel, Jacques, Jack, Jeffery, Johnathan

    my two favorites are Julianne and Joel

  65. kiRSTA BROWN says:

    Jasleigh brooke :)

  66. Sydney says:

    Girl: Juliette Kate, Juliana Hope, Jessica Faith, Jane Elizabeth
    Boy: Jacob Cole, Joel Spencer, Jared Keith, Jeremey Adam,

  67. Ava says:

    girl: Jessamine, Julia, Joelle, Julianna, Julie, June, or Jane
    boy: Jacob, Jonathon, or Jack

  68. Carolyn says:

    Julie Elizabeth
    Jocelynn Nicole
    Jacqueline Rose

    Jared Ray
    Jacob Ryan
    Joel Layton

  69. Tiffany says:


  70. Laura Ann says:

    Jayne Elizabeth & Jacob Nicholas

  71. Kourtney says:

    Jemima(like the syrup)

  72. kimberly says:

    I am so glad you picked the name I choose! Josie is a beautiful name for her! Blessings, Kimberly

  73. KarmaDreams says:

    I’d go for Jesus-Give-It-A-Rest!

  74. Beth says:

    How bout

  75. Keli says:

    Jamey, or Jamie can be a girl o a boy name

  76. Kenny Geee says:

    I say name it (boy or girl) Jtwenty, keeping the “J” silent! hahaha

  77. jessi says:


  78. Lilly Westmoreland says:

    Girl- Joleen Johanna
    Boy- Joshlyn Jermaine
    Girl- Jesamain Joleen
    Boy- Jermaine Johnson

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