10 Creepiest Baby Names (in time for Halloween)

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Baby Name Inspiration?

Having a Halloween Baby? Even if you’re not, would you consider naming your baby after a horror movie? surveys spooky names from classic horror movies, books and TV shows.  Their list includes “Harry Potter” names and “Twilight”-inspired names (Jacob and Bella), but those aren’t seriously scary so I didn’t include them here.

I’ve whittled down their suggestions (and added some of my own) to round out the list.

10 Creepiest Baby Names

1. Regan – the possessed girl in “The Exorcist”

2. Carrie – the blood-covered girl in the the Stephen King movie of the same name.

3. Hannibal– as in Hannibal Lector

4. Rosemary – “Rosemary’s Baby”

5. Freddie – from “Nightmare in Elm Street”

6. Dexter– TV’s serial killer

7. Norman – Hitchcock’s psycho killer

8. Chucky– I’m Chucky. Wanna Play? (from “Child’s Play”)

9. Christine – Stephen King’s evil car

10. Damien – the devil child in “The Omen”

Can you think of any other spooky baby names I forgot to include? And would you name your baby after a horror movie?

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