Nanny Diaries Back With Sequel


nanny-returnsTheir first novel blew the lid open on the world of the Park Avenue parent and the nanny who actually raises their kids. Now the authors of the Nanny Diaries are back with take two – Nanny Returns.

Twelve years and one marriage later, this Nan dishes up a reminder that the people who raised those kids don’t forget them.

After selling 2 million books and earning themselves a place in the box office with the movie version of Diaries, Emma McLaughlin and Nicola Kraus had less shock to work with.

Their first book was followed quickly by dozens of put-upon babysitter tales, plus documentaries like Nursery University – the stories of the Manhattanite’s quest for the elusive nursery school admission. They offer up a glance at prep school politics and more of the head-shaking lunacy of the Hamptons-headed parents.

But it’s in Nanny’s resurgent feelings about her ex-charge, Grayer, who shows up drunk on her doorstep, a teenager lost and looking for someone who once loved him where they succeed. Pulled back into the maddening world of parenting the children of the Xs, Nanny – now Nan – opens her heart once again in the way that the best caregivers of our kids do. She falls for the X kids (Grayer now has a brother) all over again, proving the word “parent” can be defined relatively loosely.

If the laughs are harder to find in this book, it’s because Nan isn’t a caricature in Nanny Returns. She’s the rest of us.

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