Nanny Rents Out Kid to Beggars


beggarA nanny in India has been discovered double-dipping: she was charging a family to care for their infant and charging beggars a fee to borrow the boy to use to earn sympathy.

Meanwhile the nanny sat at home watching the soaps and munching on the goods in the family fridge.

According to the Telegraph, the nanny was making one hundred rupees (about $2.13) a day from the beggar gang. They’d take the little boy – who’d been drugged – out into the streets to panhandle with him as a prop. The boy’s mom came home early one day from work, and the jig was up.

We’re not big fans of the nanny cam here at Strollerderby, but it sounds like an exception just came up: if you live in a country where kids are rumored to be farmed out as props to beggars and your nanny is that insane. Of course the latter begs the question: if she was that cavalier about a baby’s well-being, why didn’t something pop up in the background check?

This is significantly worse than the nanny who ignores the kids to eat her bon bons and watch TV – at least they’re usually at home being neglected. Worst nightmare: did this scenario ever come up?

Image: Matti Mattila

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