NBC Refuses to Air PETA's Thanksgiving Ad


thanksgivingAs a committed vegetarian, I’m often offended by PETA’s shock tactics. While I’m grateful that the organization has done so much to fuel the debate about vegetarianism, there are plenty of strong, commonsense reasons to avoid factory farmed-meat without equating pigs to Holocaust victims.

That said, I’m surprised that NBC is refusing to air PETA’s Thanksgiving ad, which is hardly too disturbing or gross to watch. The commercial features a little girl describing the conditions in which factory-farmed turkeys are raised while she gives grace at Thanksgiving. I think it’s even a bit funny.

The fact that NBC sees this commercial as too controversial to air speaks, I think, to the deep roots of our culture’s meat addiction. The higher-ups at NBC must have decided that it was just not all right to combine awareness of factory farming with the sweet, age-old family traditions of Thanksgiving and asking the blessing before a meal.

What do you think? Would you be offended if your family saw this ad on Thanksgiving Day?


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