Net flix Gems For Instant Kid Gratification


netflix flipperWe are heavy Netflix users at our place, almost exclusively the instant downloads. We’ve barely watched a movie on DVD in months.

Through Netflix, My kids have become fans of some classic shows they probably never would have had the chance to see anywhere else. And they’ve also discovered some real gems that neither of us had ever heard of.

On our current Netflix hit parade….

1. Flipper.  This super sixties series about a couple of (apparently motherless) boys and their beloved pet dolphin is everybody’s current favorite. My kids found their way to this one on their own. I guess it didn’t hurt that we just went swimming with dolphins on our vacation.

2. The Littles. This 80’s cartoon about a miniature family has a fairly groovy theme song and occasionally heavy themes (Mom’s a drug addict, anyone?). There’s a lot of psychology talk and Important Lesson Learning.

3. Feast at Midnight. This movie is completely adorable. It’s the story of  a boy who goes to boarding school, gets picked on, and emancipates himself by cooking his grandfather’s Escoffier recipes in the kitchen at night.

4. Shelly Duvall’s Faerie Tale Theater. This series is shockingly star studded,  and pretty enjoyable for adults as well as kids. If you don’t watch it for the story lines, watch it for the costumes. Where else are you going to see Mick Jagger in a Fu Manchu mustache?

Who else is enjoying the download lifestyle? What are you watching?

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