New Dr. Seuss iPhone Apps


Dr. Suess iPhone appJust in time for long summer car trips, Oceanhouse Media is giving us a new batch of Dr. Seuss themed iPhone apps. Love it!

We’re getting new interactive book apps for One Fish, Two Fish and Oh, the Places You’ll Go!. There’s also a cool stacking game called Up With A Fish.

My kids have loved all the Dr. Seuss apps, and these are no exception.

The “Up With A Fish” game is a lot like the Grover Sesame Street app. A.K.A. my daughters’ favorite iPhone game of all time. You tilt the phone back and forth catching stuff that falls from off screen. Somehow this is fun. Maybe it’s like a preschool version of tetris. While I can’t imagine anything more boring, my kids will play this for hours.

The interactive books are simple and fun. Most of the value is just in the book itself. As all these apps do, you have the option to read the book yourself, or have it read aloud by a narrator. Tapping on images pops up additional vocab words like “fish” and “water.” This is a great feature for kids just learning to read.

Having a few Dr. Seuss books in my pocket when we’re at the doctor’s office or on a car trip is just never a bad thing. I’m looking forward to using these apps a lot this summer.

Photo: screenshot